Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Can't Think of a Title

Damn, it has been awhile! I thought this blog would be lost forever. Internet here in this wonderful hick town is hit or miss and the cable/internet company monopolizes the area so my roommates and I are kind of screwed.

Classes have already started and I am pretty much the most worthless student right now. I blame it on music, cardinals baseball, and senioritis.

Oh I also found out that one of my roommates is quite the salesman. Let's just say that I've gotten to meet some "interesting" people, all of which are usually here for no more than 3 minutes at a time. My fondest memory of his business had to be when I met THE NEIGHBORS. These guys, of which I had not previously known, simply walk in our house and ask me if I had any product that they desired. Kind of freaked out I knew to ask John if he knew who these shady characters were. He had no idea either, but nevertheless, not even two minutes and a few cigarettes later, he was $100 richer. I've probably met at least 15 people like this so far and I'm beginning to get paranoid, considering these people can see the nearly $15,000 of music equipment in our "jam room" for the band. That's actually kind of sad I know. A 21 year old, future financial advisor, has blown enough to pay for his small college (for three semesters) on music equipment.

On that front, I'll probably end up singing for the group. Both of our auditions were terrible. Simon would have cried. I'm in choir now and even convinced the other guitarist and drummer to join so that will be fun. None of us have any choir experience and it's really more of a way for us to scout for a new singer. Creepy? Perhaps, but we are desperate. But nevertheless, the gigs are rolling in and hopefully more will come along. In fact, word on the quad is that we might even be opening for Ben Folds when he comes here in the fall. EXCITING!

Perhaps when I get more time, I'll be able to blog about something interesting. But for now it's lunch and then investments.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bernese Mountain Dogs

I have had an obsession with this dog ever for about three years now. I was visiting an ex's family down in Ozark, MO. Kind of long distance relationship, not to mention she grew up on a farm. I loved it though. I had been used to the usually (but not always) bitchy West-County girls of St. Louis. If you lived here, I'm sure you'd understand. So a nice chill country girl was great for me. However, I found that our personalities differed too much in order for this thing to really work, so naturally, we ended that.

However, aside from some great memories and life lessons I'm sure I gathered from my relationship with Kayla, the best had to be the Rogersville, MO county fair. I'm a "city-boy" and this was a very alien experience for me. I saw great Skynard cover bands, ate some delicious Ribs and corn fresh off of the grill, and even witnessed county residents compete for the best floating device (that could hold 4 people). Really, it ended up being the device that took the longest to sink. But either way, it was really cool. While sitting beneath the shade of a tall tree just off of the banks of the hoosier-infested river, there was the softest coat that brushed against my back. There standing was the most incredible canine ever. It was love at first sight and immediately I asked the owner at least twenty questions about the Mountain dog. She gladly obliged and now I'm simply waiting to get in a better financial and residential situation in order to pick up one of these precious creatures.
All I need is a house and $1200 and one can be mine. But honestly, I went to my first animal shelter this past weekend with my girlfriend and played with two of the greatest dogs ever, brothers Rocky and Reggie. They have been in this shelter for over six months now and dogs like these make me never want to buy from a breeder. There are thousands of dogs just like this, and I'd be so selfish to make sure that I got my precious Bernese Mountain dog by sacrificing beautiful animals like these. This also strongly ties in with my vies on adoption. I'm pretty sure that adoption will be the road I go down IF I ever decide to go the family route.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back in K-Ville USA!

Right now I'm jamming to Soul Sacrifice by Santana. Oh it is so sweet. I remember first seeing this performed on a documentary about Woodstock. The drum solo is incredible. Oddly enough it was shown to me by my ex's father. This dude was an incredible/incredibly strange individual. (Always made for interesting moments when "the girl" and I would be spending alone time in the late evenings). It was really the way he communicated with me. He always sounded so condescending at least in his tone, but at the same time was always so excited to discuss the most random things with me. It was like he valued my opinion not because he thought it valid, but something to categorize in his weird chamber of thoughts from "lower lifeforms." He had good taste in music at least.

More importantly (sorry for that obnoxious tangent), I'm back in my college town. I have a huge 4 bedroom house all to my lonesome and it is wonderful. Life has finally slowed down. So far I've just been consuming myself with music. With no one to bother, I am blasting my drums, developing new song creations with my guitar all while constantly listening and watching music for more inspiration. So far so good. I've talked to the area bar owners and have started getting my face out there for potential gigs.

We have some nice owners here. I got hammered last night, and my drummer, Bret, and I probably spent $10 collectively. Apparently, bar owners love to talk business over individual pitchers of delightful exotic beverages like Keystone or, if you're lucky, Coors Light. I know classy, right? But nevertheless, FREE!

Basically my life is where I want it to be at the moment. No TV. Plenty of Music!!! A good book, "Think and Grow Rich". And pirated internet from my neighbor, "Bob", according to his connection ID. Thanks bro!

Oh and a disclaimer on the book. I'm not superficial and money hungry. Far from it! I picked it up because I hear (from at least five of my coworkers) it has some great views on how we can "better" our thoughts, and in turn our attitudes, and hopefully our lives and the lives of those around us. So think of it as growing rich in quality of life, not money. Although that wouldn't bother me if it went down that way too.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

What Now Bitch!?!

Please let me preface this entry by noting that I fully respect France as a nation and have no personal feelings against that wonderful nation. But who's talking now bitches?

Apparently these guys talked some serious smack against the US swim team when asked about the 4 X 100 relay. They apparently were going to "smash" the US Olympic team. However, Phelps & Co. brought there stuff about 2 minutes ago and left those motivating words .08 seconds behind them.

Oh what a sweet victory that was! Isn't there something liberating about quieting the big mouth?

If you didn't see the race it really was a good one. The lead had changed at least five or six times between the US and France. You could just feel the tension between the two and both teams had to be right next to each other to make it even better. I feel like the US did have the advantage on the home stretch for two reasons. 1. We are better swimmers (obviously)
2. We also could see our opponent because we had the left side while breathing (and peaking) to our right at the big-mouthed Frenchman swimming to his preconceived gold medal.

That was such an asshole of a blog and please forgive my comments here!

But if you'll excuse me I need to listen to America's National Anthem. Sorry fellas,

No "La Marseillaise" Today!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Today is going to be a good day! First of all the highly anticipated olympics are on! We swept fencing (I know cool right?) But aside from that, my Cardinals are going to bash in the Cubbies. Then I get to see the Rams play the Titans (I love the NFL) Okay, really I love sports, especially when they involve my home town teams. Sorry, but I am pretty ethnocentric when it comes to my sports. But I try to keep that as the only time I use the cultural blinders.

Aside from that, I get to audition a new lead singer for my band when I go back to college. Audition? I feel so weird writing that, but it's fun being a Simon Cowell from time to time. Plus, I really enjoy the type of people who have no problem meeting a complete stranger and belting their heart out. I will have an update on how this one goes.

Then after that, I get to start packing for my return to the middle-of-nowhere-Missouri. This is such an exciting weekend. Sports, music, socializing; Now all I need is a tasty boulevard with a slice of lemon.

I never thought I would be the kind to enjoy drinking beer. Ever since I can rememer I've hating everything about it. But once 21 hits let the taste acquiring begin. I need the factory tour and get some free beer at Anheiser-Busch before St. Louis feels the ripple effects of the InBev buyout. Everyone here is so damn concerned about it and I think it's pretty silly to get all worked up over it. There will just be new rich, fat men collecting their checks at the end of the day.

Sorry for the Stream-of-Consciousness style of writing today. Speaking of which...

Dream Theater...Maybe not your cup-of-tea, but they are phenomenal musicians.

Well, here's to the athletes, musicians, and beer drinkers everywhere this weekend.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Gig Night!

So I just got back from jamming with the previously mentioned band and it was simply amazing; we opened for them. I love gig nights. Playing music for others is probably one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes I find myself getting too comfortable on stage though. But it's so much fun. We did run into a small problem. We blew a fuse in the middle of our cover of Venice Queen. Not fun at all and to most, pretty embarrassing. But we managed to keep the crowd in to it until order could be restored. So I decided to bring a volunteer on stage to jam with us to Cortez the Killer. The dude rocked the guitar. We actually closed with that...probably lasted 15 minutes. Oh and I find few things more attractive than a girl lost in the music, dancing ecstatically, letting the music command her soul.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fragile: This Side Up

My current profession is in the personal finance field and while I really enjoy helping people secure their financial future, sometimes it's so hard to discuss everyones' lives when you really get to know them. The majority of people I have talked to were complete strangers before our initial meeting. However, in an hour's time I am expected to know their income, family history, health, kids' names, their dreams, their plans, and faults. I guess I am pretty much in awe of how much responsibility I have and at times it can be overwhelming. In particular, this summer alone I have met a breast cancer survivor, as well as one with prostate cancer, a person with nearly $100,000 of credit card debt due to medical expenses, another who just learned that his mother has less than five years to live (He's 21!). In short, I have learned of some heavy stuff. It really adjusts my perspective on my problems. And you know, upon first seeing these people I obviously didn't know any of this. They seem like the usual suspects in my profession. To add, I've realized that any person I meet could be going through a number of these things. We just don't know. I'm not saying that this has turned me into a Spidermanesque character. I'm still selfish in certain things. I still get angry with perfect strangers. But I've learned to step back at times and reflect on my situation and I'm thankful.

But you're so busy changing the world
Just one smile can change all of mine
We share the same soul

One smile, it is a small gesture. We all share this world and I know it's very "hoakie," but even the smallest gesture to a person we know, used to know, or will know could help change this world. I'm so sick of the presidential slogans all preaching change. They will bring about change singlehandedly. I disagree. We will. This generation. The ones preceded us. And the thousands to come. I'm so excited for this world. I think we have some great people here and I can't wait to see what comes of it. There really is good out there ya know?

On a side note, if you're looking for a new band to build an infatuation with if your like me...Check these guys out!

Make it a great day!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Girl Vocalists

I don't know what it is with female singers. I can't listen to them, save for the breathy, deep altos that I found oh so sexy. You know like Norah Jones, Cat Power, one of my exes. Oh man! Did she have the most beautiful voices ever! She introduced me to the concept of harmony and sadly it wasn't until I developed my infatuation with John Frusciante that I really appreciated the wonderful sonic qualities only harmony can provide. Writer Joscelyn Godwin provided great insight to how music is found in nature and even the supernatural. She proposed that all matter is in a state of vibration. And sound is only a vibration processed by our brain as a tone. Controlling nature is what we deem as probably a supernatural quality. Therefore, to control sound would be to control the world. Perhaps that is why music is, in my mind, the governing body of all creation. It is with music that the universe exists. Right now I'm simply jamming along to some Jack Johnson, "All At Once." I've never heard it. Although sometimes I can hardly distinguish the songs from one another. But I'm okay with that. Music can bring comfort, hurt, sadness, bliss, or even absolutely nothing. Music carries the power that we designate it at times. But at the most primal level, the waves in our atmosphere influence us. So at the most instinctual level music has and will only move you. Where is it moving you?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Good Morning!

I have a huge meeting tomorrow morning at 7:30 where I will need to report on all the activity from this past week. I don't think it will go well. Here's the thing. The job is sales. Well let me correct that. The employer says it's not, but calling 40 strangers a day to schedule a time to meet and discuss their financial future and present them with at least one of the products that I am licensed to SELL. I'm just sick of it and haven't been living up to the company standards. I'm ready to return to my school in the middle of nowhere Missouri. I'm just not looking forward to entering the "real" world after college. I want the freedom without the responsibility. I know, real original right? I hate emo music. I guess this job will be over with soon enough and I can return to the splendors of college life...alcohol, loud music, girls, alcohol, playing shows while drinking alcohol and encouraging the sale of it, and all the new people who, no matter how significant, come in and maybe out of your life. That's something that really does excite me about life, simply meeting new people. How cool is it that we can impact each others' lives with even the smallest of gestures. I've seen what my actions have done to people for good and the other and it has helped me put my actions in perspective. However, those details can be saved for another post.

This blog thing is pretty cool. I don't really intend on telling anybody about my blog so I'll just see where this thing gets me, assuming anyone even reads this. I'm pretty new to the blog scene so I'm still trying to adjust to the growing blog community.