Wednesday, July 22, 2009

new balance

as i've found with most areas of my life i am an extremely obsessive person. i find a fun new activity, person, whatever, and all of the sudden my life becomes completely devoted to that "whatever." plainly put, i need balance, stability, direction...right? graduated from college i think it is slowly setting in how much control i have over where my life goes; it is a little overwhelming.

however, my obsessive personality is still getting the better of me, and i'm really on the fence with this whole stability thing. i do what i want...i do what makes me without without remorce sort of thing. sounds like it should be coming from a meryl streep movie or something.

you should easily notice my patterns for blogging. i started off with a bang. then came senior year of i picked up hockey...put away the guitar and drums...i'm sure i'll rebound and pick those up again even though it's been two months since i've played and i haven't taken a break that long for five years straight. as mr. dylan said, the times, they are a'changin'. i feel for the better. maybe "reality" is sinking in and i'm learning what place in the world i am supposed to take. but i refuse to follow that pattern.

so far this summer i have seen so many good shows...dmb, paramore, no doubt, ziggy marley, 311 to name...well, all of them. so good! i have a job...unemployment was one of the worst feelings ever. i was jobless for two months and nearly lost my mind. there are so many things to be thankful for right? emma thompson and kenneth branagh are brilliant actors!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

You Can Find Me In Da A!

It may be terrible but I have developed a new obsession with a band, 30 Seconds to Mars. I am worried to admit this because I Hate emo. This band bears a striking resemblance to everything about this "genre" of "music."

Notice the 3/4 part with the dark hair crowding their pain-filled faces. The look is stupid, juvenile, and pathetic. However, I can't deny that I have been enjoying their music for the past 12 hours.

I've just returned from a week long trip in the A with the love of my life. I got to see plenty of cool things like the Georgia Aquarium, Wonderful World of Coke, Marley and Me, and do plenty of ice skating with the love of my life. Guard Girl and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary over the break and the trip was awesome. Check out this picture...

Check out this gem...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cool Stuff @ Abbey Road

Amos Lee! If you don't know this music, you must listen.

He's got soul. I suppose definitions of soul differ among us but damn, this music. Not to mention, he's performing at Abbey Road in that video, you know, where Dark Side was recorded, Beatles (and Chili Peppers) had legendary snapshots. Since we're on the subject of this magical place. Here are some clips from that magical place...

When I heard this next song I made that ooohhh sound that you always here Jay-Z and Kanye make when they hear something cool. (last Jay-Z verse of "Never Let Me Down") Check that shit out too! I guess it is just that city upbringing where the white guy was the monority, haha. That was a really cool experience for me. There are so many people out there who fail to even make an attempt to connect with those different from themselves. As I'm sure its similar in every city (Chicago: South vs North), St. Louis has West County. Oh West County! Home of the UGG boots, northface jackets, and snobby bitches (keep in mind is men and women). People live in their own world there it seems. I've had to deal with so many people, and sadly date some as well, from there and it never really works out well. They wanna lick the wrapper without licking the rapper as Lil' Weezy would say. Tangents are fun, especially if you're in to differential geometry.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm turning into what MTV used to be...

This one struck a nerve this morning.

I'm not one to get all emotional over past relationships, lately. However, this song shuffled through my itunes this morning while studying for my Entrepreneurship final. So, naturally I felt that it was necessary that through usual literary methods of catharsis, that I open this up to the free world. That first "one" sucks to see gone. And while I can't say that I'm really into coffee, this song feels very applicable to many emotions that I've locked up for years now. I kind of view this song as a typical monologue that I could say to her if I saw her. But let's not get careless. I refrain from being the psycho-ex that so many of us fear; but I admit my feelings, while not necessarily love or affection or all that "gushy stuff", are still stronger than I had hoped.

Perhaps, the most interesting piece of this morning is what music did to me. There I was, learning about various methods in terminating a business (I will be starting mine soon!), and Mr. Hay's voice began encouraging a cycling through this roledex of old memories that led me to the aforementioned "her." More than I can probably ever love a girlfriend (regardless of whether this is adolescent or not) is love the music that surrounds my life.

I suppose in a society where nothing is promised, it is comforting to know that there will always be a constant ability for something to reach through whatever comfort-coated cloak you are wearing.

Don't get me wrong, Ilove my life and all its loves and heartbreaks. I guess it's nice knowing that there are many others moving through this world and carrying some of the same emotions as myself.

To end this rather lengthy and emo post, I leave you with a piece from one of my favorite literary works. Can you guess?

"This can be no trick. The conference was sadly borne; they have the truth of this from Hero; they seem to pity the lady. It seems her affections have their full bent. Love me? Why, it must be requited. I hear how I am censured. They say I will bear myself proudly if I perceive the love come from her. They say too that she will rather die than give any sign of affection. I did never think to marry. I must not seem proud. Happy are they that hear their detractions and can put them to mending. They say the lady is fair-- 'tis a truth, I can bear them witness; and virtuous-- 'tis so, I cannot reprove it; and wise, but for loving me-- by my troth, it is no addition to her wit, nor no great argument of her folly, for I will be horribly in love with her. I may chance have some odd quirks and remnants of wit broken on me because I have railed so long against marriage. But doth not the appetite alter? A man loves the meat in his youth that he cannot endure in his age. Shall quips and sentences and these paper bullets of the brain awe a man from the career of his humor? No, the world must be peopled. When I said I would die a bachelor, I did not think I should live till I were married. Here comes Beatrice. By this day, she's a fair lady! I do spy some marks of love in her."

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Listen to STEVE JORDAN! Living proof that us drummers are the musical baby makers. Not to mention, this jam is baby making music. I love jamming. Now get this. More from my favorite band. I love me some rock n' roll and love thuggin' it. But damn, nothing beats da' funk.

I hope I can at least spread this wonderful illness to one of you!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Oh Hot Damn, This is My Jam!

I've had that song stuck in my head the past three minutes and I'm loving it. I'm currently in my COBOL class. Way Boring, unless you're into writing computer code for programs that can calculate averages, count the number of entries of auto parts in the program, or any other pointless task that really doesn't warrant the use of a computer, much less the efforts of a programmer. I know nothing about computers except point the mouse and click and then my signature three-fingered typing skills. Try this next time you write your blog. Type with just the pointer and middle finger of your right hand and just the index of your left. Now you can tell why I don't blog much.

Actually that is not true. My computer has been out of commission for about a month. However, it is on its way back home and things should make a return to normalcy.

Speaking of normalcy, I feel like I'm slowing coming back to the things I used to love doing but have been failing to do so. In particular, I couldn't sleep the other night so I went for an awesome run through the Kirksville streets at about 3 am. I eventually made my way to my schools new, unnecessary, and expensive turf football field where I just laid at the fifty yard line and looked up at the stars. I forgot how much fun stargazing was, especially in a chilly fall night. I love this season. By far, the best season of all. Then before I made my way back to my house to read Anthony Kiedis' autobiography I made a mad dash across the field in an effort to be the next Reggie Bush or something.

The front man of the Red Hot Chili Peppers had a pretty interesting childhood. So far, by age 12, the guy has already done every drug his dad could get him, was partying in night clubs, and even slept with his dad's girlfriend. Needless to say, this guy was made to be a rockstar. Still, I highly recommend this read for any of you Chili Pepper fans out there. He is very introspective when not showering you with his random stories and he provides great insight to the band's history and song ideas.

Friday, October 3, 2008

I've decided to blog outside today. Perhaps not the greatest thing for the eyes. Not to mention, the most beautiful day happens here in Missouri and I'm still on my computer. Yet I suppose in my defense I'm not on the internet all the time. Nevertheless, sitting on my back patio with my feet propped on the patio able watching a late afternoon sun head to China right now, I can't help but get lost in my thoughts. I struggle to retrieve them for this post right now. The first thought that comes to mind (redundant?) is about the boy to girl ratio in the blog world...well at least mine. I wonder why that is? I suppose we could fall back to the idea of women and their willingness to display their emotions...or how men dare not display any. I'm not pretending to have an answer...simply questions. I wonder what that means about me? Am I not the typical Midwestern male who wouldn't even think about writing this? I don't mean to be narcissistic at all. However, I guess when it comes to writing, it helps to have a handle on what you are presenting, especially if to the public (even though the ambiguity of the blog world is really a happy median between private and public). You don't really know anything about me. Ah! How many teens or failing couples have used that line before. But isn't that what makes this so much fun? I can write what I feel. You may read it. Perhaps not. Nevertheless, here it is. Not much I know, but still there. The world looks mighty nice right now. I think this would be a great weekend for kayaking or something outdoorsy. I love the weekend. Probably one of the biggest reasons right now is the stock market is closed. I watched my beloved Bank of America profit fall $3,000 in a span of 45 minutes. Patience, I know! Bailout my ass! I've read some pretty interesting blogs thus far about the economy and its current condition. I like that people are at least giving it some thought rather than focusing on who Paris Hilton's new BFF is gonna be. Seriously, what-the-fuck!?! Man I wanna play some music. I just finished a two hour drum session and I'm still not finished. Weather Update: Still Beautiful and I got someone once very special on my mind right now. However, perhaps that is for another post because I am far too selfish right now to share that thought.