Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Higher Ground

Back into the blogging world once again (at least as a contributor) and it feels great. Music is still going great. We had two gigs yesterday. The first one probably one of my favorites. It was in an awesome, and rare, round barn in Northeastern Missouri. We opened the festival (must pay your dues) and it was well worth it. We played some great tunes and rocked the house. Did a couple of interviews from the local news station, autographed a guitar with proceeds going to the United Way, and received several inquiries regarding us playing for some other people. Definitely not the reaction we were expecting going in to this. When your opening a HARDCORE blues festival and your set consists of sublime, queen, and jet, it is easy to get a little worried. But we threw in a couple John Mayer Trio tunes that seemed to restore the balance.

To close the night we played at a Swingers Party (not those Swingers, although probably more interesting). It was one of the coolest things. We were supposed to be the entertainment for the evening. But instead, the crowd was engulfed in this swinging frenzy that really kept the energy up for us since most of us were running on fumes. Such a good day.

Now it's simply time for football, some food, and possibly some homework.

Totally random...but in business news, how fucked up is it that Lehman Brothers decided to withdraw $8 billion from their branch company in London and then declare bankruptcy the very next day, liquidating that money however they see fit. Especially considering the fact that the money was earmarked for salaries of English workers. Not cool New York branch, not cool.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I love being able to press the NEW POST button. It's usually an exciting moment when I get to unload a small portion of the thoughts circling around my, as some might consider, strange mind. I am slacking on these posts recently and I'd like to say that was due to some intense scholarly activities. However, that is not typically the case. Instead, I have been doing anything I can but schoolwork. We had a gig last night opening for a great blues band. Not really our style, but the "lovely ladies" (as dave would say) and alcohol definitely livened up the place. I got a little carried away prior to the show with even more mind-altering events which definitely shaped how I acted as the involuntary front-man of the group. I had a blast though but ended up having to take a bunch of equipment and a drunk lead guitarist home. Even still, joining us on our trip was the more than $200 we made for playing for 45minutes. By no means am I bragging. I am very much the novice with this music biz stuff but that is roughly $275/hour. Not too shabby for a bunch of half-drunk (except for Aaron of course) college kids pretending to be rock stars.

Aside from music taking over, the other love of my life has returned. No, not Rosie O'Donnell. But rather the NFL. I watched nearly nine hours of football. That is BULLSHIT. I am a bum. Actually scratch that. I determined on my rainy, short-lived return trip from the library that even though I am entering my final year of school. I haven't proven anything except that I am in fact, not a bum. But sometimes oh how I wish I could be. Perhaps I could simply join Jules and simply "walk the earth." Pulp Fiction = Great Movie!

For any of you that might be reading this, whether by accident or even on purpose I need help on finding some new songs for our new female vocalist, Jen, to sing. She has a phenomenal voice and can sing most anything. We have simply dried up the apparently, shallow well to finding good songs for her to sing. We're looking for more stuff on the female front, or even, something for both of us, since I've been deemed co-singing rockstar. We've been looking at the Hush Sound, No Doubt, Pink and a few others. But my question is this.

What songs do you like to hear, especially when you're out? Let's go top three! Shit! Only a few minutes from another Monday. Wish me luck and I'll return the favor. Peace!