Wednesday, July 22, 2009

new balance

as i've found with most areas of my life i am an extremely obsessive person. i find a fun new activity, person, whatever, and all of the sudden my life becomes completely devoted to that "whatever." plainly put, i need balance, stability, direction...right? graduated from college i think it is slowly setting in how much control i have over where my life goes; it is a little overwhelming.

however, my obsessive personality is still getting the better of me, and i'm really on the fence with this whole stability thing. i do what i want...i do what makes me without without remorce sort of thing. sounds like it should be coming from a meryl streep movie or something.

you should easily notice my patterns for blogging. i started off with a bang. then came senior year of i picked up hockey...put away the guitar and drums...i'm sure i'll rebound and pick those up again even though it's been two months since i've played and i haven't taken a break that long for five years straight. as mr. dylan said, the times, they are a'changin'. i feel for the better. maybe "reality" is sinking in and i'm learning what place in the world i am supposed to take. but i refuse to follow that pattern.

so far this summer i have seen so many good shows...dmb, paramore, no doubt, ziggy marley, 311 to name...well, all of them. so good! i have a job...unemployment was one of the worst feelings ever. i was jobless for two months and nearly lost my mind. there are so many things to be thankful for right? emma thompson and kenneth branagh are brilliant actors!

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