Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cool Stuff @ Abbey Road

Amos Lee! If you don't know this music, you must listen.

He's got soul. I suppose definitions of soul differ among us but damn, this music. Not to mention, he's performing at Abbey Road in that video, you know, where Dark Side was recorded, Beatles (and Chili Peppers) had legendary snapshots. Since we're on the subject of this magical place. Here are some clips from that magical place...

When I heard this next song I made that ooohhh sound that you always here Jay-Z and Kanye make when they hear something cool. (last Jay-Z verse of "Never Let Me Down") Check that shit out too! I guess it is just that city upbringing where the white guy was the monority, haha. That was a really cool experience for me. There are so many people out there who fail to even make an attempt to connect with those different from themselves. As I'm sure its similar in every city (Chicago: South vs North), St. Louis has West County. Oh West County! Home of the UGG boots, northface jackets, and snobby bitches (keep in mind is men and women). People live in their own world there it seems. I've had to deal with so many people, and sadly date some as well, from there and it never really works out well. They wanna lick the wrapper without licking the rapper as Lil' Weezy would say. Tangents are fun, especially if you're in to differential geometry.

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JayVee said...

Always a nice treat when I stumble upon new performances at Abbey Road. I'm a huge Amos fan. Randomly attended his debut cd release party a few years back where he performed and was instantly hooked. This Philly boy has soul for days. Great clips.