Friday, October 3, 2008

I've decided to blog outside today. Perhaps not the greatest thing for the eyes. Not to mention, the most beautiful day happens here in Missouri and I'm still on my computer. Yet I suppose in my defense I'm not on the internet all the time. Nevertheless, sitting on my back patio with my feet propped on the patio able watching a late afternoon sun head to China right now, I can't help but get lost in my thoughts. I struggle to retrieve them for this post right now. The first thought that comes to mind (redundant?) is about the boy to girl ratio in the blog world...well at least mine. I wonder why that is? I suppose we could fall back to the idea of women and their willingness to display their emotions...or how men dare not display any. I'm not pretending to have an answer...simply questions. I wonder what that means about me? Am I not the typical Midwestern male who wouldn't even think about writing this? I don't mean to be narcissistic at all. However, I guess when it comes to writing, it helps to have a handle on what you are presenting, especially if to the public (even though the ambiguity of the blog world is really a happy median between private and public). You don't really know anything about me. Ah! How many teens or failing couples have used that line before. But isn't that what makes this so much fun? I can write what I feel. You may read it. Perhaps not. Nevertheless, here it is. Not much I know, but still there. The world looks mighty nice right now. I think this would be a great weekend for kayaking or something outdoorsy. I love the weekend. Probably one of the biggest reasons right now is the stock market is closed. I watched my beloved Bank of America profit fall $3,000 in a span of 45 minutes. Patience, I know! Bailout my ass! I've read some pretty interesting blogs thus far about the economy and its current condition. I like that people are at least giving it some thought rather than focusing on who Paris Hilton's new BFF is gonna be. Seriously, what-the-fuck!?! Man I wanna play some music. I just finished a two hour drum session and I'm still not finished. Weather Update: Still Beautiful and I got someone once very special on my mind right now. However, perhaps that is for another post because I am far too selfish right now to share that thought.


Liz said...

I, too, have also pondered the male/female blogging ratio. I don't have an answer other than imagining a scenario: If my husband and I were forced to spend an hour on the Internet, what would we do? He would check sports scores and read game recaps (of any sport) or read the news, especially politics. I, on the other hand, would spend about 1/4 of my time reading the news, and the rest communicating with friends (i.e. blogging).

I don't know what that means, or that it means anything, but I wouldn't read into too much. At least, not in a negative way.

Personally, I find writing - and sharing - therapeutic.

And b/c blogger tells me my open ID doesn't work, I have to use my old blogger ID. My new web site is

Kelvin Oliver said...

This is a very interesting post you have written, Scott. It almost made me start to ride on the thinking raft. It's usually good to stop and think and ponder about different courses and objections of life.